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How To Make Caricature with Applications MomentCam

November 28, 2013 | Applications

moment-camThis past month , photo caricature sketch headpotrait a warm conversation in various social networking sites . Many users of social media such as Facebook , Twitter , and the Path display profile photos with sketch caricature caricature created by the application .

Trends in the use of this application begins the caricature of an application from China , Moman Xiang Ji or known by the name MomentCam . The application made ​​by Hightalk Software Corp. . topped the list of top free app charts on the Apple app store , App Store , beating the BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) .

Similarly, in the Android app store , Google Play Store , MomentCam also ranks first top free app charts , beating instant messaging application WhatsApp Messenger and BBM .

Interested to try it ? Here’s how to create a caricature using MomentCam applications on Android devices .

1 . The first step you need to do to use this app is to download the application MomentCam on Google Play Store . To make it easier to find this app , simply do a search by typing keywords or MomentCam Moman Xiang Ji .

Before you download , make sure that the available storage capacity in the smartphone you have at least 30 MB of free space . Because the size of the application is quite large at 23.29 MB . And also make sure that you have a smartphone data package sufficient for the download process .

2 . Select and press MomentCam icon ‘ Install ‘ . Once the download is complete , the application will be automatically installed on your smartphone .

3 . Run the application. When opening the application will appear beginning with the option ‘ creat Cartoon ‘ or ‘ Portfolio ‘ . To get started create a caricature , just press the ‘ creat Cartoon ‘ and will appear as shown above . You can take photos directly from a camera phone to be a caricature photo or choose an existing photo in the gallery phone .

4 . After selecting the desired image , you will be asked to determine the gender ( male or female ) . Select gender according to the photo you choose and then be a unique caricature photo as the photo above . Do not forget to save your work by selecting the icon image ‘ Floppy ‘ located in the top right . The result will be stored in the phone’s gallery and ‘ Portfolio ‘ .

The work you can also be edited in a way to form a character ‘s face , change her hairstyle , adding accessories glasses , eyebrow shaping , as well as adding a mustache and beard .

5 . How to apply it , simply by selecting the ‘Face Edit ‘ which contains a selection of Face , Hair style , Glasses , Eyebow , and Mustach that is in the bottom bar of the screen. You could also change the design results caricature by selecting ‘ Design ‘ and ‘Create ‘ .

And more interestingly , the work of your caricature can be shared to your friends through social networking sites , such as Facebook and Twitter , as well as instant messaging WeChat .

Good luck … have a nice try.

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