5 Games to Substitute Flappy Bird

Tuesday, February 18th 2014. | Android Games

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Flappy Bird has removed by its maker , Dong Nguyen , from the Play Store , which left many gamers in a vacuum or perhaps anger . Fortunately , there are several substitutes Flappy Bird game on Google Play , which can fill that void.

Amazing Cupid

Amazing Flappy Bird Cupid is a genre where the player controls a winged angel with knock makes every dive to the bottom , in contrast with the flap , which is to the top . As always , the goal is through the gap as much as possible without touching anything . But here the players try to get a specific purpose in a certain amount of time to read the confidential records of friends . If not , the message will be lost forever , not like Snapchat .



Badland is a game in which players guide the cute little blob through the forest was taken over by machines . In this process , the player to collect items that will cause the creature spontaneously proliferate , shrink , grow , faster, or more slowly . This is very interesting because it can be very hectic maze .

floppy Bird

Cloning Flappy Bird has become the most viable option if you want to find a replacement Flappy Bird . He retains the feel of 8 -bit , challenging physics understanding , and bird -themed . But there are annoying ads attached to the center of the screen . It took two beats to reset for the next round , and the structure is more complex pipeline may damage the simplicity . If you are on a PC , Flappy Doge also quite good .
The Impossible Game

While Flappy Bird gives you a feeling impossible , The Impossible Game is here to crush your spirit platformer with a very difficult challenge . It’s not just a name , but it is absolutely impossible . It is a game that will hit you . You will continue to crawl back there to try . It might even make you wish to play a more simple game , such as Flappy Bird still there .
jetpack Joyride

This is a classic runner game where players control Barry Steakfries , a rogue bureaucrat in a secret science facility . Jetpack his minigun make it float , while you attempt to enter the complex , avoiding security systems , and other secret technologies hitch . You are judged on how far you go before being dropped.