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Tuesday, February 11th 2014. | Android Games

Awesome I love it I really love this game cause its much easy and u don’t need to play it with your phone straight it could sided and my score now is 36 awesome. Much closer to the gravity on h the iphone version… my friends were complaining that my flappy bird (1 in app store) was way to easy.. now they can’t complain!

flappy bird apk

Dong Nguyen , the developer of Flappy Bird , the iPhone app that has been most successful in recent weeks, has removed the game from the App Store , although he was still at the top of the charts of Apple’s online store . Flappy Bird was the most downloaded game on the App Store last month and created income at the rate of 50 000 dollars a day only through the in-app advertising , since the play was downloaded for free.

The game is quite simple: it is to keep the air in an awkward bird flapping wing strokes , caused by “tap ” on the iPhone screen , and pass it through pipes to collect points. Despite that the game is difficult ( to reach 50 points is already a feat ) , Flappy Bird has quickly become viral thanks to the many favorable reviews that have appeared on the Web

Nguyen has often said on Twitter that Flappy Bird was collecting too much undeserved attention from the public and the press, which was making life impossible, and he learned to hate his own creation. The mechanism of the game is simple, as well as graphics , reminiscent of the early Super Mario games .

Perhaps it is precisely because of this similarity that the game was withdrawn from the Store , you also talked about a possible cause by Nintendo for the graphic elements clearly inspired by Super Mario. The answer comes from the gossips Nguyen himself who, even on Twitter, ensures that there are no legal reasons to withdraw Flappy Bird , but only that he could not stand the success .

Fans are desperate and have been numerous to ask Dong Nguyen not to withdraw the game, but there was nothing to do, as promised, Flappy Bird has been retired from the App Store and will not be sold to third parties, but Nguyen reassures his large audience : he will continue to develop games .

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The trees have no center, clumsy bird just fly through them as if they are lifeless and soulless. The reality they once knew is lost in time and they are forever cursed to live a life of loneliness….great game though! Most people say this is a rip off of “flappy bird” but I disagree. Way better graphics, sideways gameplay, more user friendly, and not to mention more fun.