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Flappy Bird Game to Be Taken Down By Creator
Flappy Birds, difficult yet addictive game that popular these days was able to make a player and developer of...
Monday, February 10th 2014 | Android Games
Flappy bird android apk
...score now is 36 awesome. Much closer to the gravity on h the iphone version… my friends were complaining that my flappy bird (1 in app store) was way
Tuesday, February 11th 2014 | Android Games
5 Games to Substitute Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird has removed by its maker , Dong Nguyen , from the Play Store , which left many gamers in a vacuum or perhaps anger . Fortunately...
Tuesday, February 18th 2014 | Android Games
Blackberry Jennings 9810
...next winter, although in America has seen the birth in July 2010; several interesting features:     Processor: as the current BlackBerry 9800 performance proves that we know is
Saturday, May 26th 2012 | Blackberry
Blackberry Black Forest Rumors 2012
...weighing on my moves. However, the birth of BBX may suggest a new attempt. Let’s look at the roadmap for next year. Blackberry Black Forest 2012 BlackBerry Black
Tuesday, May 8th 2012 | Blackberry
Fit-pc3 review and price
Fit-pc3 review and price - CompuLab we have already met, but now is the turn of his new birth: it is called fit-PC3, a kind of nettops by very good...
Saturday, April 14th 2012 | Tech gadget